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While trying to find an alternate for imageshack, which at the time wouldn't let me upload .gifs anymore for some reason, I had used imgftw, thinking it would be okay for temporary icon placements. And it was. What I didn't know was that after a selected period of time, images would be deleted from the database. As of now, all icons from entries #006 and #007 are MIA. Right now I have a photobucket account, so I'll be doing some major reuploading--I'll keep you posted as to when they're back up. And possibly maybe do some format redoing at that with the community in general. Hopefully before monday. Thank you for your patience!

So that this isn't a total waste on your parts, here's a snippet of some things to come (besides requests, more colorings, and an otp20in20 entry):

Work In Progress
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ASDFGHJKL--this was supposed to be up a long, long time ago. And oh man, the number has only increased since then. I never expected I would get this far, so wow this is amazing... But, really, thank you everyone for your watches, and comments, and your patience in my somewhat spazzy updates! My inbox is a mess, as first everything got marked as read for some reason, and then a good number of the notifs got deleted before I got a chance to read them, which is really bad for me since I use the inbox as an indicator of which ones I've read and commented back and which ones I haven't. Am attempting to fix with notifs in my aol email inbox, so I'm getting there. Apologies for lack of responses if I missed you, and I will do my best to get to you soon! And in honor of the milestone, I present to you...


oo1. Pick either 1 manga coloring or 3 images.
oo2. All icons/graphics made must be sharable.
oo3. No reserved spots, since I'm not making a limit of people.
oo4. Try to find as HQ/big an image as possible, especially for manga colorings.
oo5. This post will close on AUGUST 14, 2011. 11:59PM PST.
oo6. Use the form corresponding to your request below please!

two options--which form will you choose?Collapse )
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So I may have realized in the course of catching up on things, that while my plug-ins post may be good for showcasing communities in general, it doesn't work so well for other deals such as signing up for rounds, and events, etc. S-Still not ready with intended post but I'm almost decided. Thank you for keeping up with my spazzy replies and updates!

Nominations Directory / Promote / Rules


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Hey, would you look at that. We made it to the double digits! Cheers! Miscellaneous icon post will be following this, but first things first.

An anon sent in a secret on fandomsecrets recently offering some well-meaning critique on an icon I made, along with a few more other people made. Only problem is, anon was afraid of telling straight up because of past experiences where icon makers have been not as open to the nicest of critique. Tried to contact, but to no avail.

Not sure how big of an issue it is, but please, don't be afraid to comment. I'm slow at tagging back, but I do get around to it by the end. Had to look around for awhile, but I finally found a critique meme from cool_spectrum 's icon journal that I can utilize.

Hosted by iconsecrets

Either anonymously post there, or post in-journal here for critique okay? Thank you! ♥
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